Residential, Commercial & Public Works Paving & Grading in Fresno

Residential, Commercial & Public Works Paving & Grading

Class A General Engineering Contractor

Family owned and operated since 1989, we are proud to be the preferred paving & grading solution for projects large and small in every corner of California’s Central Valley.


Our Expertise

As a Full-Service Class A General Engineering Contractor, we have a long history of using our experience for almost any job the customer can imagine. Have a project? We understand that no project is the same and encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help find and execute a solution.

California Contractor License Number 805585-A.

  • Asphalt, concrete and grading

  • Engineering cost estimates

  • Storm water pollution prevention plans

  • Drawing engineering plans

  • Writing engineering specifications

  • Inspection for Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District, California School Districts, and Play Equipments

  • Engineering utilities research

  • Designing parking lots and baseball backstops



Based in Fresno, Ca

Our centralized location allows us to easily serve all corners of California’s Central Valley. We offer a wide range of cost-effective residential, commercial and public works solutions to a diverse customer base. From school districts and municipalities to private companies and homes - we’ve done it. We pride ourselves on personal commitment to every customer, no matter the size of the job.


We believe in community

Seal Rite Paving opened for business in 1989 with a 55-gallon drum and a mini pickup truck sealing driveways in the Fresno / Clovis Area. Our first project generated just $219. We slowly expanded into small parking lots and soon, we were paving streets, roads, and highways in our own neighborhoods.

A company that started with one employee has become a common name with dozens of preferred estimators and laborers. With our engineering license and exuberant pride for the Valley, we’ve worked with over 500 companies from Sacramento to Bakersfield, from Fresno to the coast for 3 decades now - and we are proud of the amount of our repeat customers.

We believe in community building through active engagement and involvement from the ground up. As a family owned company, we know our work directly affects our own neighborhoods and surrounding areas. This understanding has helped us contribute to the building of Central Valley communities since our inception and we are excited to keep growing.


Our Team


Brooke Ashjian / CEO / Email Brooke

Gina Ashjian / President

Lucie Colmenero / Accounting Manager / Email Lucie


Monson Lee / Chief Engineer / Email Monson

Brittany Criswell / Admin / Email Brittany

Operations & Consultants

Anthony Farnesi / Technology

Alex Tavlian / Sultana Media

Recent Projects


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We understand that no project is the same. With our experience and expertise, we’ll help find and execute a solution that meets your needs. Connect with us to receive a bid for your project!

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